Our story

Fugeelah is a mission driven social enterprise created for children and youth seeking refuge in Malaysia. Founded by Deborah Henry in 2017 - with a humble starting grant 5000 USD from UNHCR & Rotary Malaysia - our primary purpose is to contribute towards the sustainable running of Fugee School, a not-for-profit organisation that provides free education and community support to those in transit.

Fugeelah is a women-led conscious jewellery brand that educates, employs and empowers refugee children and youth. We are deeply devoted to quality, and dedicate ourselves to thoughtful sourcing, fair wages, and give-back initiatives that truly have an impact.

Our jewellery

Fugeelah jewellery is for curious minds and conscious hearts

Quietly expressive, a little quirky and with a touch of class, these everyday precious pieces are designed to keep your jewellery story fresh. A celebration of what it means to be a girl in this material world, our hope is that each piece is not only a cause for compliment but also a conversation starter.

Our jewellery is designed and made taking inspiration from the communities we work with and this includes the handmade series made together with the Fugeelah girls.

Our Impact

Percentage to Fugee School

FUGEELAH aims to financially support the running of non-profit education hub, Fugee School, by committing a percentage of its profits. Since 2009, the school has educated over 500 children, and through this initiative we hope to aid Fugee School in becoming a self-sustaining organisation, alleviating the pressures of constant fundraising.Fugee School currently has 200 students, aged 4 to 20 years old.

Employment for youth

At Fugeelah, we understand the importance of employment for refugee youth transiting in Malaysia. Right now we employ 4 refugee girls. Our girls get an allowance of RM10 an hour to make jewellery and work at any Fugeelah bazaars. That little bit of freedom that often comes with financial gain can make a world of a difference- enabling them to support themselves and their families needs.

Skills training

While money is an important gain, at Fugeelah, it’s the hard and soft skills learned that are paramount. By involving our girls in all aspects of the business, they learn hands-on entrepreneurial skills training and creative skills, manage the pop-up booths and interact with customers, building their confidence and skill set that will make them more employable for future opportunities.

Our Team


Deborah began her career at the age of 15 in the fashion industry. She later co- founded the non- profit Fugee School which led to the birth of Fugeelah. Her work is her passion. She loves adventure, chocolate and laughing.


Originally from France, Alison moved to Malaysia in 2015. She spent over 10 years in the corporate world where she held regional roles in male-dominated industries (telco/ consulting/ fintech). In 2020, she founded FreeW: 2 wheels to freewill, to ignite women’s emancipation and self-empowerment through motorcycling. When she’s not exploring on her Harley-Davidson, she practices Muay Thai or rock climbing. She joined Fugeelah as a business consultant as she strongly believes in the power of social enterprises and Deborah’s mission to provide education to all.


Prior to taking on a role in operations at Fugeelah, Shaza has been involved in the arts and music related fields. Working at Fugeelah allows her to continue being surrounded by creativity while contributing towards a very important cause. Shaza’s main love is in all things good music.


Ida’s rule at Fugeelah is an admin and finance executive, she cooks the best cake for the team.
Her favorite thing is when her kids give her big hugs after a long day of work and receiving warm kisses from them. Love to laugh and always have a smile on her face.