Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi


Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi is a meaningful collaboration between two friends. The limited edition collection features the ‘Little C’ cocktail bag, the new design 'Ruffle Sling’ adjustable crossbody bag and a twilly that can be used multiple ways. By rethinking what many would consider waste, the collaboration breathes new life into leftover fabrics that may otherwise end up in a landfill, turning them instead, into something that can be kept forever.

Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi, however, seeks to be more than just a statement about textile waste. Made entirely  with purpose, and cleverly so, it playfully uses leftovers to make sure that those marginalised in society  don’t get left out. After covering costs, the collaboration commits 50% of its profits towards paying for IGCSE examinations for students at Fugee School.

Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi encourages people to make meaningful choices with their purchases - to make them count, to make them matter, to make a change.