Our Story

"It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes the world to raise children."

Since opening its doors in 2009, Fugee School has provided an encouraging and safe space for brave children seeking refuge. 

At Fugee School, children of all ages and cultures can come together to learn, play and rebuild. Nine years on and our sanctuary is now at its most diverse. 

To celebrate such beautiful diversity, the children have banded together to create something that stands for inclusivity and champions education for all. 

It is with proud hearts and much excitement that we introduce Fugee School’s very own accessories line, Fugeelah.

Fugeelah is a collection of lifestyle accessories designed and inspired by our students’ various cultures, their unique life journeys and most importantly, their giftedness. At Fugeelah, the children learn about craftsmanship, eye for detail, quality measures and that creation takes patience. These amazing young people have involved themselves in all parts of the process, playing key roles in conceptualisation, design, production and business planning. 

Fugeelah also works together with Malaysian artisans and marginalised communities on a sustainable business model that ensures fair distribution of work and wealth.

Fugeelah is the voice of children seeking refuge and the voice behind communities that go unheard. It represents their resilience to make a home for themselves and to claim their place in society. 

Funded by UNHCR, independent volunteers and private entities, Fugeelah is a sustainable homegrown entity with deep global roots.

All profits from Fugeelah is distributed to Fugee School, the children and the artisans.