International Women’s Day SILHOUETTE #breakthebias

As a women-led social enterprise, IWD is everyday for us. Since 2017, Fugeelah has committed itself to raising money to fund the education of refugee children at Fugee School and provide job opportunities to female refugee youths.

With YOU in mind, our silhouette earrings was designed to express a woman’s freedom to create her own narrative. Her freedom to break away from stereotypes, biases and live in equality.

Join women from all over the world in embracing who we are. Together, let us continue working towards creating gender equality. Together, we can build a more inclusive, equitable and diverse world.

Hand sketched earrings inspired from the elegance of a women’s silhouette and the freedom to be who she is.

Thank you for supporting us and the cause we are fighting for. Let us continue to forge forward into a future where we are governed by compassion, kindness and equality.

It’s your choice that makes the change you want to see in the world. Make them count, make them matter and make a change.

It’s time to wear your change and it’s time to #breakthebias.