We ARE All Linked

I looked at this bracelet that was gifted to us.
A response from the community when we called out for help.
And suddenly, I didn’t feel so alone.

I saw in my hand, a physical item that had played a role
in so many lives and will continue to play a role
in others to come.

I realised then, that subconsciously all these physical barriers
from borders closed, to staying indoors indefinitely had left me
feeling alone and disconnected. It was just me.

How easy it was for my mind to interpret physical barriers
into feelings of isolation.

I looked at this bracelet, overcome with relief that no matter
what I felt, I saw this proof of humanities’ interconnectedness.

We ARE all Linked.

I wear this bracelet, to remind myself the next time isolation
creeps in, I AM NOT ALONE. I am Linked to others.
Xxx Fugeelah

P.S A special thank you to Hill to Street for their support <3

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